2006.08.07 19:54 "[Tiff] Resolved: libtiff.dll and MSVC 6", by Sean Burke

2006.09.20 18:19 "RE: [Tiff] TIFF file bigger than 2Go", by

And I write each line with:

TIFFWriteScanline(out, (void *)buf, cbY, 0);

with 'out' the file pointer, 'buf' the buffer of the line and 'cbY' the line number (uint32).

Everything seems to be correctly written and I can produce for example a 2,4Go TIFF file. But I cannot open them in any software. I add that any other file smaller than 2Go can be opened without any problem.

I'm sorry, I misunderstood and thought you were having problems with libtiff, but it's the *other* software (the programs that can't open the TIFF you created) that probably needs fixing (good luck!).

I just checked the libtiff source (which, admittedly, I should have done in the first place), and it's already using the correct API for win, at least. Don't know about other platforms, but it's easy to check by looking at the file handling APIs used for those plats.