2007.07.14 08:15 "[Tiff] [ANNOUNCE]: Libtiff 4.0.0alpha released", by Andrey Kiselev

2007.07.14 08:15 "[Tiff] [ANNOUNCE]: Libtiff 4.0.0alpha released", by Andrey Kiselev

Hello, folks,

We are glad to present a snapshot of the new libtiff branch 4.x. This is the first libtiff release supporting BigTIFF files. Significant efforts were made to keep source compatibility, so in most cases you just need to rebuild your application to get read support for BigTIFF.

As usual sources available from our FTP site:


Release notes:


This release contains all fixes and features added in 3.9.0 and adds BigTIFF support. There will be more new features in the future.

Release is marked as alpha, because it was not widely tested and we have a few known problems. tiffset utility will not work and overview stuff in contrib/addtiffo will not work either. Please, do not report these particular bugs, it will be fixed ASAP.

Joris Van Damme should be credited for this important upgrade and thanks to sponsors who supported his work.

NOTE FOR GDAL USERS: latest GDAL snapshot from the SVN trunk can be rebuilt with this new library and BigTIFF support will be immediately available. GDAL will automatically create BigTIFF if uncompressed image size exceeds 4GiB. You can force BigTIFF creation even for smaller files using BIGTIFF=YES driver option. Overview support does not work at the moment, though.

Best regards,


Andrey V. Kiselev
ICQ# 26871517