2007.07.09 13:18 "[Tiff] 64 Bit Vista Build Problems", by David Cheeseman

2007.07.09 15:46 "Re: [Tiff] 64 Bit Vista Build Problems", by Bob Friesenhahn

On Mon, 9 Jul 2007, David Cheeseman wrote:

> Hey,
> I'll start off by getting my request out of the way:
> If anyone knows how to compile the tiff library for 64 bit Vista,

> please let me know what I'm doing wrong or build steps for 64 bit Vista. > I have my attempt described bellow.

> I am currently trying to build the libtiff.lib using the Vista 64

> bit enviroment provided in the Windows Platform SDK and the > tiff-win32-3.6.1-2-src. According to documentation, the package should

In case you were not aware, the current release of libtiff is 3.8.2. The 3.6.1 release is very old.

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