2006.08.11 05:17 "[Tiff] EPS Tiff Preview.", by Amit gupta

2006.08.11 14:27 "RE: [Tiff] EPS Tiff Preview.", by

Amit wrote:

The problem right now I am facing is that LibTiff api TIFFOpen returns a NULL pointer when used with tiff images extracted from

EPS files, whereas it returns a valid pointer for normal Tiff images.

Is there any difference between a normal Tiff Image and Tiff Preview Image Extracted from EPS.

You could try running tiffinfo or tiffdump on your problem TIFF, but the most effective way to track down the problem is to build a debug version of your application, trace into TIFFOpen(), and dig down as deep as necessary until you find the root of the problem.

Some sanity checks (though you've probably already tried them):