2007.07.03 18:37 "[Tiff] BigTIFF extension?", by Phil Harvey

2007.07.05 08:09 "Re: [Tiff] BigTIFF extension", by Andy Cave

Hi Joris,

Actually, I read it a little differently to you - I think there _is_ general agreement to use ".tif", that is to use the same extension.

I am thereore now proposing that we officially adopt ".tif" as the big tiff extension. To pass this vote, the four people on the committee need to agree:

  1. Bob Friesenhahn.
  2. Joris.
  3. Frank Warmerdam.
  4. Chris Cox.

[I'm not saying anyone else isn't important, so please no-one get upset!]

If all those four people can respond that they are in agreement, you (Joris) can then update your web site to say it's official.



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> Discussions where everyone just sheds light on his own point of view are mostly useless. Things become more useful if you try and disprove the other party's arguments. But even then, things remain useless if there's no clear authority that derives conclusions (unless the unlikely happens and one party is actually persuaded by the other party's argument). That's how the previous round of extension discussion was rendered a waste of energy: there was no conclusion. It's likely this round will end in the same void. So in the end, the majority of application programmers will decide what is most convinient and intuitive for them. It'll be '.tif'.