2007.06.29 18:41 "[Tiff] Obsolete libtiff.org Web Site", by Kevin Myers

2007.07.11 23:23 "Re: [Tiff] Re: Enhancements for tiffdump and tiffset", by Kevin Myers

I located a version of diff that can be run under Windows to prepare patches for the enhancements that I implemented for tiffdump and tiffset. However, the changes that I made include a lot of white space changes due to greater indentation of pre-existing blocks of code within new if statement blocks. Do you want to see all of these white space changes in the diff output, or should I tell diff to ignore whitespace or indentation differences?

I recommend using the diff option '-u'. The most important concern is how easy it is is to automatically apply the patch. White space is cheap. The person who applies the patch can re-indent the code (after the patch is applied) as they see fit. The -u option selects a "unified context" diff.

Thanks Bob. diff output files are attached to this message using only the -u option per your recommendation. I probably have a lot to learn with regard to submitting patches in this manner, so let me know of anything that I need to do differently. The code changes that I made for these enhancements were really quite simple. The diff output seems to make them look more involved than they really are, due to all of the trivial differences. I have not yet made corresponding entries in bugzilla, but hope to do that shortly.

Kevin M.