2007.07.03 18:37 "[Tiff] BigTIFF extension?", by Phil Harvey

2007.07.05 10:56 "Re: [Tiff] 16-Bit-Per-Channel Lossless Compression", by Andrey Kiselev

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 10:49:58AM -0700, Stephen Carlsen wrote:

I can post some sample files if you like. On one of my images from my Canon XTi, exported from DNG to uncompressed TIFF (using Lightroom), the uncompressed size is 57.7 MB, but is 68.8 MB with LZW (plus predictor) compression.

Flate tended to generally do worse than LZW, and be a lot slower, in my testing.

That is strange, because I am usually have good results with Defalate.

For your file I have:

$ tiffcp -c zip:2 -r 2592 IMG_2948.Flowers1.tif IMG_2948.Flowers1-zip2.tif
$ ls -l IMG_2948.Flowers1*
-rw-r--r-- 1 dron dron 60483984 2007-07-04 22:31 IMG_2948.Flowers1.tif
-rw-r--r-- 1 dron dron 48096986 2007-07-05 14:38 IMG_2948.Flowers1-zip2.tif

So we got 25% here, that is quite good result I think.

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