2007.07.01 10:30 "[Tiff] color quality = 16 bits problem.", by Roman Kazmin

2007.07.03 10:48 "Re: [Tiff] color quality = 16 bits problem.", by Joris Van Damme


Could anybody help me with my question. Using libtiff library in my own application I save picture on my PC as tiff file. All are Ok if my display settings, color quality is 32 bits. When I have color quality equals to 16 I receive picture with different colors( and I receive two small images instead of one). What is it?

It is not a LibTiff problem. Without looking at your code (and likely we don't want to if it's too large or messy), they're really is no way of telling what the problem might be.

However, on Windows, results depending on display settings, usually point to the use of DDB (device dependent bitmap) where you ought to be using DIB (device independent bitmap) instead.

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Joris Van Damme
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