2007.07.01 03:01 "[Tiff] Big TIFF Sample Files", by

2007.07.03 15:26 "[Tiff] Re: Big TIFF Sample Files", by Phil Harvey

On 3-Jul-07, at 9:56 AM, Joris wrote:

I should also have mentioned there is also trouble with the EXIF directory, even in the source image. My software stops reading that directory in the source image because the tag count is something like over 50.000 or so, and so makes no sense at all. But it may be the offset that is burzurk or just copied as LONG value 8 from some source where it used to make sense as IFD offset.

In the BigTIFF files, the EXIF tag of the single image IFD has the long value 8. The BigTIFF header being over 8 bytes long, the value is clearly wrong already, even before any attempt at reading that EXIF IFD.

I also have this problem with the BigTIFF sample (Olympics8.tf2).

- Phil