2005.02.28 15:14 "[Tiff] compiling libtiff in cygwin", by Thom DeCarlo

2005.03.22 01:13 "Re: [Tiff] compiling libtiff in cygwin", by Thom DeCarlo

Oookkkk.... I officially have no idea what is happening.

I grabbed the current cvs and did a ./configure. It complained about not being able to mv libtoolT to libtool (or something like that). An "ls -al" showed no libtool file, but I *could* see it in the Windoze explorer. However, I couldn't open it or delete it (complained that another application had the file open).

I shut everything down and rebooted the computer. Then the libtool file really was gone. Now a "./configure; make; make check" actually does work.

Now that I've got a working libtiff I must figure out why the ./configure in libgeotiff isn't finding it. (But, that's for another forum.)

Thanks for the guidance.

OBTW, does anyone know what must be done to submit the libtiff 3.7.2 package for inclusion in cygwin?

Thom DeCarlo
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