2005.10.13 11:12 "[Tiff] Resend: Black image", by Katrina Maramba

2005.10.13 11:12 "[Tiff] Resend: Black image", by Katrina Maramba


I seem to have a lot of bloopers today. I apologize for the unnecessary messages.

Anyway, I have images from the camera Olympus C2500L that have these properties:

Image Width = 1712
Image Height = 1368
StripByteCount = 523872

Notice that its strip byte count is extremely large. Im not very sure if this has an influence on the problem but it seems this is what makes this image "different".

Anyway, when I run this image through my parser that calls the API TIFFReadRGBAStrip(), it SOMETIMES outputs an all-black image. There's nothing in it, its all black. Note that I indicated "sometimes". This is not reproducible all the time. When I do it in host-simulation, it works fine. When I do it in an environment with limited memory, that is what happens most of the time. There are also times that it works.

I also dug in deeper and found that the API DECLAREContigPutFunc(putRGBcontig8bittile) in tif_getimage.c is the one that "converts" the input data into RGBA data. So I want to know what causes this API to output black data? Is it the limited memory that we have? Is it something else?

Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated.



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