2005.03.05 18:10 "[Tiff] Bogus StripByteCounts field", by Bob Friesenhahn

2005.03.05 19:16 "Re: [Tiff] Bogus StripByteCounts field", by Frank Warmerdam

GraphicsMagick is using libtiff's scanline writer to write stripped TIFFs. For G4 and ZIP compression I notice that the files written produce this warning when read:

TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, golfer_zip.tif: Bogus "StripByteCounts" field, ignoring and calculating from imagelength.

TIFFWriteDirectory() is explicitly used before invoking TIFFClose().

Is there anything more that should be done in order for the StripByteCounts field to be written with a usable value?


What does the tiffdump on the resulting file look like?

You might look into TIFFWriteCheck(). I call it like this but I think it is only needed when I haven't even started writing any imagery yet.

        TIFFWriteCheck( hTIFF, TIFFIsTiled(hTIFF), "GTiffDataset::Crystalize");
        TIFFWriteDirectory( hTIFF );

The same warning is reported for files written by tiffcp.

Yikes, this is disturbing.

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