2005.02.11 05:37 "[Tiff] facing problems with writing compressed tiff image strips.", by Priyanshu Sharma

2005.02.16 03:39 "Re: [Tiff] make the libtiff library compression enabled??", by Priyanshu Sharma

Thanx Joris,

Ur funda of using raw strips has really worked and now i can sucessfully extract the pages from a compressed image.

As i am a learner here and this is a new domain for me, Ur advised was of great help. As told by u i have read the TIFF6.0 document although not completely but i feel i have understood the tiff architecture.

Now next thing i want to do is to append a page of other file to a new file. As far as i can see i just have to set the offset value for the next IFD to the last four bytes of the previous IFD and then can call my extract page vala module.

Is my approach correct, do i have any thing in LibTiff to do this? can i append data into a TIFF file using libtif.

plz help,

with regards