2005.11.10 15:49 "[Tiff] HELP PLEASE! LIBTIFF and BCC5.0 Enterprise", by Letícia Alves Ferreira

Does anybody have a libtiff for borland? The one I´m using I believe doesn´t fit. In my application I´m trying to convert avi frames into bitmap files. IT´s ok. But when I try to convert the bitmap files into Tiff files my program returns this error message:

"EExternal Exception - C0FB007E".

The libtiff.lib I´m using is generated by "implib" using libtiff3.dll that comes with GNUWin32 Vers 3.7.3. The library libtiff-bcc.lib doesn´t work, ´cause my compiler returns error msgs like these: "Unable to find _TIFFOpen ...." due to the "_" symbol.

Well, if anybody has a clue, please give me some help! It´s been more than a month I´m trying to execute this task.

Thanks anyway...

Letícia A. Ferreira

E-mail: lets_pandora1@hotmail.com