2005.10.25 11:25 "[Tiff] Re: checking test images", by ryuki_dono

2005.10.25 14:37 "Re: [Tiff] Re: checking test images", by Bob Friesenhahn

Since there was no reply yet I debuged the problem. Here are the tifflib warnings and errors for the testimages (http://www.remotesensing.org/libtiff/images.html).

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I didn't know that libtiff was so limited. Or did I something wrong? I think quad-jpeg and zackthecat can't be decoded because of my missing JPEG support in my build. But whats with all the 2 to 64 Bit pixeldepth?

What's with the contig files?

Libtiff does a good job of supporting "normal" TIFF files on its own. The more exotic sample TIFF files were written using libtiff, but with the assistance of higher-level software (development GraphicsMagick 1.2). It is only a minor libtiff deficiency that these files are not supported out of the box by libtiff although it would be useful for libtiff to support reading 12 bit data via the 8-bit RGB interfaces (with obvious loss of precision). There is partial support in libtiff now for reading 12-bit JPEG data in TIFF (12-bit data can be returned to the user).

The libtiff "RGB" APIs are simplified interfaces which assume that all images can be converted to 8-bit RGB. This fails miserably for 16-bit TIFFs, and is terribly inefficient for bilevel images. However, it is not necessary to use these simplified interfaces. These interfaces should only be used by trivial applications, or for applications where TIFF is only a minor format.

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