2005.10.25 11:25 "[Tiff] Re: checking test images", by ryuki_dono

2005.10.25 13:38 "Re: [Tiff] Re: checking test images", by Frank Warmerdam

On 10/25/05, ryuki_dono <ryuki_dono@yahoo.de> wrote:

I didn't know that libtiff was so limited. Or did I something wrong? I think quad-jpeg and zackthecat can't be decoded because of my missing JPEG support in my build. But whats with all the 2 to 64 Bit pixeldepth?

What's with the contig files?

Ryuki Dono,

Libtiff does allow access to the images reported as "Can not handle...". However, the RGBA convenience interface does not support these variations. So it would be fairer to say that the libtiff RGBA interface is rather limited.

For instance, I can read the various configurations of imagery you mention in my libtiff based GDAL software but my higher level application code handles scaling and display of higher bit order imagery in it's own way.

It would be nice to extend the RGBA interface to handle more options, but it doesn't seem high on anyones priority list.

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