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Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this problem. Once I posted it seem to have made it into the archive which means maybe it get through at all?? doesn’t’ didn’t

This is a interesting situation since most people expect an error just from enumerating the directory and reading the tags. Maybe a warning would be more appropriate specifically for an inability to detail out the compression specific tags maybe?? don’t



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Subject: [Tiff] Interesting change/problem in LibTiff 4.0.7 with unsupported compressions

I found a decent change in the behavior of Libtiff after I updated from

Specifically this piece of code – basically ends up tripping an error if the compression is not compiled/activated in the code. So you can’t even peruse/move through a file without tripping an error.


* An opportunity for compression mode dependent tag fixup



Our engine specifically watches for errors and assumes it’s pretty fatal – when really it’s kinda benign – UNLESS I want to extract the image data itself, right??

Surely that should be pretty benign to just enumerate through a TIFF – even if you don’t support the compression of each page??