2004.04.05 17:44 "[Tiff] LIKING ERROR : Undifined symbel _TIFFOpen in module", by Prabhu Chinnasamy

2004.04.07 09:26 "Re: [Tiff] LIKING ERROR : Undifined symbel _TIFFOpen in module", by Gerben Vos


I'm doing project in image processing and while I've attempted to open a TIFF image wiht the use of LIBTIFF in windows 98 envronment. I have include the header files tiffio.h and tiff.h alone and LIBTIFF.LIB(i've downloaded the files from net). And nothing else i have included. while im compiling there is no error, but while executing the file, im getting error message

   "LINKING ERROR : Undifined symbole _TIFFOpen in module  filename .c.
    LINKING ERROR : Undifined symbole _TIFFReadRGBA in module  filename.c" and such more errors.

You need to make sure that libtiff.lib is included in the linking process, and that the linker can find it.

You aren't telling us what compiler you're working with, which makes it very hard to help you. But maybe with "windows 98 environment" you mean Microsoft Visual Studio? In that case, adding libtiff.lib to the project should do the trick.

Otherwise, you may have to add or change the linker options, possibly inside your Makefile. Try adding

        -ltiff -L.

to the command line, or just add "libtiff.lib" (if libtiff.lib is in the current directory).

If that doesn't work, anyone near you with some knowledge of how your compiler works should be able to help you.

Gerben Vos.