2004.09.20 16:54 "[Tiff] Problems with libtiff", by Alfredo Cruz Vázquez

2004.09.20 21:16 "Re: [Tiff] Problems with libtiff", by Andrey Kiselev

I have downloaded versions 3.6.1 and 3.5.7; I have tryed them in HP-UX, Slackware and Windows with no good results. I'm trying to convert a file that I get from a fax, it starts with the hex string: 00 28 9B 15 00 65 B3 02.... this hex string repeats all over the document. I know that it is a Fax file because I have converted it with the libtiff that comes with the RedHat 9.0 distribution and it works perfectly.

This is how it works in RedHat:s "fax2tiff page_1.myfile"

Elsewhere I'm getting a Memory fault (core dump) message, and an error in windows when I try to convert it.


Could you fill the appropriate Bugzilla entry attaching you problematic file? If you don't want to disclose the file contents you can send it directly to me (but Bugzilla is preferred solution).

Here is the core dump that I get in the HP-Ux:

That is not too helpful... Core dump should be used with the debugger to get backtrace of the code path causing the problem. If you are using gdb you can do

 $ gdb fax2tiff core

and in gdb prompt

 gdb> bt

That command should produce really helpful output.


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