2013.04.30 18:10 "[Tiff] Tiff2PDF.exe", by John Zander

2013.05.01 19:19 "Re: [Tiff] Tiff2PDF.exe", by Edward Lam

On 30/04/2013 2:10 PM, John Zander wrote:

I'm just getting started with this and I'm running into an issue that is baffling me for some reason. I included a reference to TIFF2PDF.exe in my project. When I run it in VS2012 it runs fine and the tiff files are converted as expected. When I install the project I get an error:

Exception reading manifest from file:///C:/Users/.../Tiff2PDF_1_0_0_3/Tiff2PDF.exe.manifest: the manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened.

I went to the source for this and rebuilt the project to create a new executable.

Did you use VS2012 to create a fresh new project? AFAIK, the default VS1012 projects will automatically embed manifest files now. In fact, I've had to remove all my build rules regarding .manifest files since moving to VS2012.