2004.04.28 13:46 "[Tiff] Reading and writing 3D tiff images", by Peter Van Osta

2004.04.29 07:39 "Re: [Tiff] Reading and writing 3D tiff images", by Peter Van Osta


Thanks for the information. I could do with anything with which I could dump the data into a Tiff-file. If I already could dump the data into a single Tiff-file for internal use, that would already allow me to store them and retrieve them. I would like to use the Tiff-files as a digital container, I really need something to dump the data on-disk. I know that it is possible to define a "private" field, just to be able to get started. At the moment we still use ICS format to store 3D-data, but there is almost nobody who can read these files. With TIFF we could provide the information about the field defining the 3D and everyone could read them. The 3D data are now mostly 512 x 512 x 5 data of 16-bit, 8-bit or RGBX 8-bit.

The core of the software can also handle 3D-arrays of 3D-images, but at the moment we don't have a device which delivers such data to the software, so I will settle for the simple situation of a 3D-image at the moment.


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