2004.09.20 21:30 "[Tiff] Alias Sketchbook Multi-Layer Tiff Files -- Specification", by Ian Ameline

2004.09.21 16:01 "Re: [Tiff] Alias Sketchbook Multi-Layer Tiff Files -- Specification", by Joris Van Damme


P.S. The Lawyers make me say; "This information is provided as-is, with no warranty of any kind, and is subject to change without notice."

Despite these lawyers, it's always nice to see people who have the sense to be open about their data.

However, I feel you might be guilty of 'hijacking' some tags for purposes very different from the ones specified in the specification. If you should feel inclined to apply for regular private tags over at Adobe's website (http://partners.adobe.com/asn/tech/tiff/tiffregister.jsp), and change your documentation to reflect that, I'll be happy to add your private tags to the TIFF Tag Reference Private Tags section (http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/tifftags/private.html), as well as include your overview documentation in the appropriate section (http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/tifftags/docs.html). This will yield even more effective openness, greater interchangability, and will also yield more visibility for your company.

Joris Van Damme
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