2013.05.14 04:48 "[Tiff] Is LIBTIFF 4 is ABI compatible", by Abhijit Nath

2013.05.14 13:31 "Re: [Tiff] Is LIBTIFF 4 is ABI compatible", by Tom Lane

On 14 May 2013 05:48, Abhijit Nath <abhijit.2.nath@gmail.com> wrote:

Is LIBTIFF 4.0.3 ABI compatible with libtiff 3.9.5?

libtiff4 is source-compatible but not binary-compatible with libtiff3. The breaks were necessary to support large files.

FWIW, my experience with updating the Fedora distro is that 4.0 is only about 99.9% source-compatible either. There were a few packages that required source-code fixes (freeimage, tkimg, xloadimage according to my notes). As an example, the library no longer exposes the contents of struct TIFFFieldInfo.

regards, tom lane