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1999.11.15 13:59 "multiple tiff files", by Peter Zitzelsperger
1999.11.18 09:07 "Re: multiple tiff files", by Bruno Ledoux
1999.11.19 10:16 "Re: multiple tiff files", by Peter Zitzelsperger

1999.11.19 10:16 "Re: multiple tiff files", by Peter Zitzelsperger


First of all, thanks to your comment.

If your purpose is to save multiple images in the same tiff file, the exact term is multipage tiff, I can assure that the libtiff supports it without any problem, provided that you ONLY use the libtif functions to read or write tiles.

Yes, I want to create a multipage tiff, and I use *ONLY* libtiff functions.

Do you open file in mapped "w" mode or unmapped "wu" mode? Just a question normally it shouldn't affect the file.

Open parameter is ''w''

What is your WriteBuffer2Tiles method doing? does it call TIFFWriteTiles or any other IO function to write to the file?

WriteBuffer2Tiles does nothing but calculate tiles from strips and writing the tiles with TIFFWriteTile() from the libtiff. I had long debug sessions to find that a _TIFFmalloc() in TIFFwritebufferSetup() does not what it is supposed to. Funny enough, the application does everything correctly when I step through with the debugger, but it returns an error and exits, when I run it in one step. So, in theory, its impossible, to find the mistake. Well, I don't know how, but I'll continue to search...

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other problem.

Well, here I am. Thanks in advance...

Peter Zitzelsperger.