1998.11.11 23:20 "Re: lzw decompression.", by Daniel McCoy

1998.11.17 16:50 "Re: lzw decompression.", by Larry Jones

Adam Rybicki writes:
> "Eric J. Schwertfeger" wrote:
> >
> > The patent only covers compression, not decompression.
> Sorry, but I don't think Unisys would agree with you:
> http://corp2.unisys.com/LeadStory/lzwfaq.html

It doesn't really matter whether Unisys agrees or not -- LZW decompression is *exactly* the same as LZ decompression, which is not patented.

It's really too bad that Unisys can't make money any other way than by trying to extort license revenue out of an invalid patent. It's also too bad that someone with deep pockets hasn't cared enough to take them to court and get it officially declared invalid.

-Larry Jones

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