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August 2009

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2009.08.20 02:08 "Re: any 3.9.0 status update?", by Jay Berkenbilt
2009.08.20 02:23 "Re: any 3.9.0 status update?", by Bob Friesenhahn
2009.08.20 02:36 "Re: any 3.9.0 status update?", by Frank Warmerdam

2009.08.20 02:23 "Re: any 3.9.0 status update?", by Bob Friesenhahn

I will be happy to help with the preparation of a formal release but 
as far as I am aware, the keeper of the keys is Frank Warmerdam.  I 
could create a release tarball but only (?) Frank can put it where it 

You are surely correct that the current 3.9 branch is more robust and 
less buggy than 3.8.2, but keep in mind that libtiff developers have 
been personally using 4.0 development sources for well over a year, 
and not the 3.9.X stuff.


On Wed, 19 Aug 2009, Jay Berkenbilt wrote:

> Just so "upstream" (from my debian perspective) tiff people know, I've
> prepared a fake release of libtiff based on the branch-3-9 branch in CVS
> and called it "3.9.0beta+deb1".  I basically followed the release
> instructions minus creating a new file in the html directory, verified
> source and binary compatibility with 3.8.2, and uploaded it to debian's
> experimental distribution.  There is enough interest in something newer
> than 3.8.2 in debian that, unless there are any major objections either
> from tiff maintainers or debian developers, I plan to make that be the
> standard version in debian.  Once this goes through, I will feel free to
> upload a beta of 4.0.0 to debian's experimental.  I haven't been doing
> that up to now because I haven't wanted to lock myself out of being able
> to upload something based on 3.9.  So this is just an FYI to tiff
> maintainers that debian may soon have an unofficial release of libtiff
> in it, based on my belief (from discussions on this list) that the
> current 3.9 branch is probably pretty much ready to go and certainly
> better than 3.8.2.  It's not too late to stop me though. :-)
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