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1999.06.03 19:48 "Large File Support", by Bruce Forsberg
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1999.06.04 18:35 "RE: Large File Support", by Bruce Forsberg
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1999.06.04 18:35 "RE: Large File Support", by Bruce Forsberg

Thanks for all of the replies.

Again I am not a TIFF expert. I was probably looking at the count field and thought that was a total file size. My mistake.

I would think this could be fixed in two phases.

  1. Add the capability to open/create tiff files > 2 GB. This could be done with a compiler directive that would use the transitional APIs that support file sizes greater than 2 GB. Of course this would be a problem if someone created a TIFF library on Solaris 2.6, which has the transitional APIs, and then tried to use it on Solaris 2.5, which does not have the transitional APIs. This fix would at least, as it sounds to me, write and read (uncompressed) TIFF files to something less than 4 GB.
  2. Somehow modify TIFF spec to support > 4GB images. The best approach for me would be an implementation that if one wrote a large image, say 5 GB, one could still read it to a 2 or 4 GB limit with the old spec or library. This would have a bad side effect in that the user might think they were viewing the whole image when they were not and they would have no way of knowing it. Another posibilty, that I think was mentioned by someone, was modify the spec to support large files. When one creates a file < 2 GB use the tiff 6.0 spec to create the image with its magic number. If one creates a > 2 GB image use the new modified spec with a new magic number. This way < 2GB images created with the new library will still be able to be read with the old library.

I am with Marconi Integrated Systems's Imagery & Information Systems unit. Our customers are asking more and more for large imagery support and I am modifying our software to handle this and seeing what image formats we can support.

I think I have answered most of the questions that were asked of me.


Bruce Forsberg
Marconi Integrated Systems