1995.01.24 19:38 "DOS graphic screen to TIFF", by Ludovic Milin


this is my first contact with this software and that list: I just discovered them today. I am looking for an algorithm or an already built utility that would enable me to dump the graphic screen of a PC-DOS into a TIFF format that could be included in a postscript file. The reason is we have written a plotting utility for our own usage in microsoft Fortran and C on a PC-DOS platform. Until now we were just creating an eps file but we would like to include the TIFF version of the plot to the eps file.

The graphic screen is simply made of pixels that have only 2 colors and I do not need a color TIFF format.

I am not familiar at all with all these different graphic formats so I would appreciate any pointer. Are there any of the modules of this software that I could easily use to do this job?

Thanks for your informations,