1998.01.16 14:56 "Re: Opening a tiff image using VC++", by Nick Westwood

1999.01.18 16:17 "RE: Opening a tiff image using VC++", by Sim Zacks

I turned the library into a DLL and am writing an imaging toolkit in windows. The method I use is I read the bits into memory (using either readEncodedStrip or ReadScanline) and fill out a BitmapInfoHeader gotten by calling the Getfield function for all the tags I need. The you can either create a DIB by calling CreateDIBSection which gives you an HBitmap or call StretchDIBits and put it directly on the screen. I'm using Delphi, but I can send you an example if you want. There are some bugs in StretchDIBits but it is very easy to use, and you can get around most of them.