1998.08.17 14:07 "multi-page TIFF", by Geoff Vandegrift

1998.08.17 17:36 "Re: multi-page TIFF", by Sam Leffler

It has recently become an issue for me to support multi-page TIFFs, and I have a couple questions.

First, I am using TIFFSetDirectory to "initialize" access to a particular page, and the library appears to be leaking about 100 bytes every time I do this. A 100-byte leak is obviously not very serious, but I've never seen any other leaks from the library in all the time I've been using it. This makes me think I am doing something wrong. Is TIFFSetDirectory the correct function?

You have an old version of the library; get a current one from ftp.sgi.com.

Since I don't have any actual multi-page TIFFs to work with yet, my TIFFSetDirectory call is in preparation for when I do have some multi-page data. As a result, TIFFSetDirectory is getting called multiple times on the same directory. Could this be causing my leak?

This leads me to my next question: where can I get some sample multi-page TIFF files. None of the samples at the SGI ftp site *appear* to be multi-page. I seem to recall seeing this question asked here before, but I don't remember the answer.

Use tiffcp to create sample files.