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February 2004

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2004.02.03 21:39 "tiff2pdf question", by James Gardner
2004.02.04 07:20 "Re: tiff2pdf question", by Andrey Kiselev
2004.02.04 14:52 "Re: tiff2pdf question", by Frank Warmerdam

2004.02.04 14:52 "Re: tiff2pdf question", by Frank Warmerdam

James Gardner wrote:
> I am trying to convert tiffs to pdf using the following two commands.
> /usr/bin/tiffcp  /var/www/html/images/200440302901171.tif
> /var/www/html/images/200440302901172.tif
> /var/www/html/images/200440302901173.tif $tiffMultiImage
> /usr/local/bin/tiff2pdf -o $pdfMultiImage $tiffMultiImage
> I get the following error:
> TIFFFieldWithTag: Internal error, unknown tag 0x0.
> tiff2pdf: tif_dirinfo.c:407: _TIFFFieldWithTag: Assertion `fip != ((void
> *)0)' failed.
> tiffcp seems to work and produces a file.  But it looks like tiff2pdf
> can't read it.  Please tell me what that error is telling me.  I have
> tried multiple options on the tiffcp and tiff2pdf commands, and I can't
> make it go away.
> The tiffs are packbit compression.  I have tried to convert them to g4
> in the tiffcp command, but I get an error about sampling having to be 1.
>  I can't see how to set sampling.  Is packbits the problem?


Assuming this isn't a build/linkage issue as Andrey suspects, you will need
to provide a sample file demonstrating the problem.  This isn't a problem
I have seen before.

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