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January 1995

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1995.01.23 16:18 "Compiling LIBTIFF for MSDOS...", by Raymond Wilson


I am trying to compile the LIBTIFF library (version 3.2) on an 
MSDOS machine using BCC 4.02. I have noticed that many parts of 
the LIBTIFF code use short meaning a TWO byte signed integer, 
whereas BCC 4.02 defines short as a signed ONE-byte integer (and 
seems disinclined to let me change it).

If anyone has already solved this problem (and there is a more 
elegant solution than ripping through the code changing short 
for int or likewise defined type) I'd love to hear it.

I have also noticed the correspondance on this list referring to 
v3.3 (still in beta form?). Perhaps this version has already 
corrected the 1-2 byte short problem.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Raymond Wilson,      Software Engineer.      Morgan Collis Group Ltd,
                                             The Mill, Millbrook Close,
Yes, they ARE fond of mills here!            St. James Mill Rd, 
Ph: +44 604 580-980  Fax: +44 604 589-208    Northampton NN5 5JF, Britain.