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2004.01.14 17:14 "[Tiff]", by Bob Friesenhahn
2004.01.14 17:46 "Re: [Tiff]", by Joris
2004.01.14 22:40 "Re: [Tiff]", by Joris
2004.01.14 23:16 "Re: [Tiff]", by Joris
2004.01.15 17:32 "Re: [Tiff]", by David Burken
2004.01.15 22:25 "RE: [Tiff]", by Richard Eckles
2004.01.16 08:26 "Re: [Tiff]", by Rob van den Tillaart

2004.01.14 17:14 "[Tiff]", by Bob Friesenhahn

Although it seems that has been ressurected, it contains an outdated copy of the information at "". The mailing list information is incorrect and the release information is incorrect. Is there any way to get this site updated, or set to redirect to the current master site?

Bob Friesenhahn