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1997.05.12 02:41 "FreeBSD shared-library", by Richard Mlynarik
1997.05.30 18:12 "Re: FreeBSD shared-library", by Sam Leffler
1997.06.02 14:27 "Re: FreeBSD shared-library", by Jeff Macdonald

1997.05.30 18:12 "Re: FreeBSD shared-library", by Sam Leffler

I've fixed what seems to be an obvious bug in Linux shared-library building, but I'm in no position to test it. It looks like it would never have worked.

You have old code; beta036 has had this change since it was put out in Feb.

I'd guess that code nearly-identical to the freebsd stuff would work for BSDI and NetBSD; I'm not able to verify this, either.

Again, the latest configure should work for BSDI and NetBSD.

It would be nice if the mailing list archives in were maintained; I don't have time to be on a mailing list, but it would be nice to be able to search for things when I cared.

Sorry, can't help here. There are issues with pushing stuff through our firewall that keep me from updating the archive regularly. If someone wanted to host a web site for the TIFF archives I'd be happy to provide a copy of my MLA tools that they could use to make the archives searchable (look at for example).

--- configure.~1~       Mon Apr 29 15:16:17 1996
+++ configure   Sun May 11 19:32:41 1997
@@ -1126,7 +1126,7 @@
        LIBCOPTS="-K PIC"
-    *-linux)
+    *-linux*)
        if [ -x /lib/ ]; then
@@ -1134,6 +1134,13 @@
+       ;;
+    *-freebsd*)
+       DSOSUF=so
+       DSOLD='${LD}'
+       DSOOPTS='-Bshareable'
+       LIBCOPTS='-fpic'
--- libtiff/     Mon Apr 29 15:16:21 1996
+++ libtiff/ Sun May 11 19:33:55 1997
@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@
        ${LD} -elf -o libtiff.@DSOSUF@ -shared -no_unresolved -all ${OBJS} \
            @LIBJPEG@ @LIBGZ@ -lc -lm
        touch $@
-# Solaris 2.4
+# Solaris 2.x
        ${LD} -L@DIR_LIB@ -G -o libtiff.@DSOSUF@ ${OBJS}
        touch $@
@@ -199,6 +199,10 @@
 # OSF/1 3.2 shared lib rule
 OSFdso: ${OBJS}
        ${LD} -o libtiff.@DSOSUF@ -shared -error_unresolved ${OBJS} @LIBJPEG@ @LIBGZ@ -lc -lm
+# FreeBSD 2.x
+       ${LD} -L@DIR_LIB@ -Bshareable -o libtiff.@DSOSUF@ ${OBJS}
+       touch $@

 ${OBJS}: ${SRCDIR}/tiffio.h ${SRCDIR}/tiff.h ${SRCDIR}/tif_dir.h

If you have a chance please look at the current sources and send me a non-GNU-style diff/patch (I tried applying the above but it failed).