1997.03.13 09:27 "Re: Palette sizes", by Martí Maria

1997.03.13 09:27 "Re: Palette sizes", by Martí Maria

Hi to all!

I'm new in this mail list, and here is my firsts questions:

I'm talking about palette color images, section 5 of TIFF-6 specs.

I have found some TIFF files with palette sizes less than 3 * (2**BitsPerSample) I.e, a files with a palette of 230, not 256, colors. (690, not 768, shorts in a 8 bpp indexed 8,8,8 RGB space)

According with TIFF 6, this is clearly wrong, the document states that N = 3 * (2 ** BitsPerSample).

But i have seen some images with this settings. I don't know the origin, there is no reference of any source inside this files. They store palettes of less number of colors, the only ones that the image data references.

What is suposed i have to think, this is a wrong tiff, a corrupted file or a good and readable tiff?

Ok, my other question: Where are any docs about CIE L*a*b* color space? (algorithms are welcome)

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english (it is not, anyway, my spoken language)

Martí Maria.