1998.11.28 20:42 "libtiff module for perl (developers only)", by Kiriakos Georgiou

For developers interested in a perl interface.

Since I have a need for access to libtiff from within perl I put together a libtiff module for perl excluding jpeg and zlib support (for now). The interface is crude, but if one wants to use libtiff from perl badly enough, it is possible to do it.

One of the problems are the variable argument functions, so I created my versions for the get/set field that don't use varargs. I'll do without this when I figure out how to deal with the vararg functions properly.

Anyhow, if you are interested in playing with it and perhaps helping out, you can get it from:


Unpack it in the top level directory of libtiff - it will put all related files in the libtiff subdirectory. Make the libtiff library if you haven't done so. Then make -f Makefile.perl and then test it by doing a: perl ./test.pl You will have to edit Makefile.perl if you using something other than gcc (and I assume you know how to make the shared library :-)