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1998.11.23 22:34 "Photoshop Thumbnails", by Fernando Lagos
1998.11.24 15:45 "Re: Photoshop Thumbnails", by Tom Lane
1998.11.24 17:32 "RE: Photoshop Thumbnails", by Joe Longo

1998.11.23 22:34 "Photoshop Thumbnails", by Fernando Lagos

>- Does PhotoShop use a private tag for storing thumbnails?
> - Does anyone have any information about the tag(i.e., format)?
> - Does any code exist for reading/writing the tag?

Look for IPTC - NAA (Information Interchange Model/Digital Newsphoto Parameter Record Version 4) I asked for it in a: Comite International del Telecommunications de Presse. I only have a printed version.

I used it to extract caption text of Photoshop Jpg files, and I remember I see the thumbnail tag.

If you dont find that info, I can give you more data.

Fernando Lagos