2004.02.06 21:35 "[Tiff] displaying 12 bit tiff image", by Liliana Resendiz

2004.02.10 23:05 "Re: [Tiff] displaying 12 bit tiff image", by Bob Friesenhahn

Well, it is a 12-bit monochrome camera, and the data range is [0,4095], but i can't save it into a 12-bit buffer, so i use a 16-bit buffer.

(although several companies have made the mistake of not scaling -- it is spelled out pretty clearly in the TIFF spec.)

... maybe. But the spec from MIL libraries (from matrox) only has a M_MIL format and "it is use respects the TIFF 6.0 specification". It is not my purpose to display the image with the matrox display libraries. And i have been tried to display into a TImage.

Unfortunately, the TIFF specification is quite broad. Many things that TIFF allows you to do are not part of the specification. There is a "baseline" specification which specifies what all compliant readers should support, but once you fall outside of the baseline parts, you are subject to the whim of the software authors.

It is possible to write software that reads and writes native 12-bit tiff using libtiff, but it is not pleasant to do so. Development GraphicsMagick supports it. I believe that development ImageMagick also includes some support for native 12-bit tiff.


Bob Friesenhahn