2004.02.16 19:22 "[Tiff] Lib TIFF v3.6.1", by Augie Henriques

I can't run the configure script in QNX 4 OS. The output from configure script follows...

Configuring TIFF Software v3.6.1
If configure does the wrong thing, check the file config.log for information that may help you understand what went wrong.

Reading site-wide parameters from //1/home/augie/src/tiff-v3.6.1/config.site.
Using /bin/wcc for a C compiler (use -with-CC=compilername to override).
Looks like /bin/wcc supports the -g option.
... but not together with the -O option, not using it.
Using /bin/make to configure the software.
Warning, no ranlib, assuming it's not needed.
Leaving MACHDEPLIBS empty, apparently you don't need -lm.
Using previously created libtiff/port.h.
Checking system libraries for functionality to emulate.
Done checking system libraries.
Checking for Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support.
Done checking for DSO support.
Selecting programs used during installation.
Looks like mv supports the -f option to force a move.
Looks like /bin/ln supports the -s option to create a symbolic link.
Done selecting programs.
Selecting default TIFF configuration parameters.
Looks like manual pages go in /usr/local/man.
Looks like manual pages should be installed with sysv-source-cat-strip.
After this line there is an error with
/tmp/sh0062319: cannot open (No such file or directory).

Can you please help?