1999.05.04 13:33 "cannot write tiff files ?", by Peter Zitzelsperger

Hello you there!

I joined this discussion group some days ago, and yet I have a question on vreating TIFF files with the ifl library. I'm working with windows nt and ifl version 1.3.1. Reading TIF files works just great, but the following code results in an error, that says "Failed to set field in file header":

 m_ifl_file = iflFile::create( t_name, NULL, &ifl_fconfig, NULL,
&ifl_status );
 if( ifl_status!= iflOKAY || m_ifl_file==0 )
  w_char  t_msg[1024];
  fprintf( stdout, "Error creating file %s\n", (const w_char *) t_name
  iflStatusToString( ifl_status, t_msg, 1025 );
  fprintf( stdout, "Reason: %s\n", t_msg );
  return( W_FALSE );

So, what field could one set in the ifl_fconfig, which is not set yet? (btw: ifl_fconfig is of Type iflFileConfig).

Funny enough, the upper code works, if the second parameter is set that way:

 m_ifl_file = iflFile::create( t_name, __another tiff_file__ , NULL,
NULL, &ifl_status );

But this is not, what I want. Any suggestions? Thanx a lot in advance...