2009.09.07 10:53 "[Tiff] tiff2ps : LZW compression fails for some images", by Peter C

2009.09.07 17:03 "Re: [Tiff] tiff2ps : LZW compression fails for some images", by Andreas Kleinert

Did you see my previous posting on LZW issues? Is your error similar?

Peter C schrieb:

I found some LZW compress image (postscript files) produce by tiff2ps does not interpret correctly on RIP or distiller. My current project requires LZW to support postscript level 2. The tests is done on libtiff 3.9.1 and image files is gray scale TIFF. RIP/distiller tested, ghostscript 8.7, Preview.app (Mac OS X) and Acrobat 9 distiller, all fail for the some files.

Has anyone encounter this before?


This is slightly off topic. After experimenting with many LZW encoding implementations, some source codes on the net and did one on my own. I am unable to get a reliable LZW encoding code for postscript file generation. Somehow it is a mystery, on how LZW is implemented for postscript.