1999.03.22 13:48 "Multi-page TIFFs via. LibTiff's RGBA interface", by Chris Losinger

1999.03.22 14:19 "Re: Multi-page TIFFs via. LibTiff's RGBA interface", by Frank Warmerdam

i've been asked by a couple of customers to implement multi-page TIFF reading. but, my code currently only uses the RGBA interface. so, my question is: is it _possible_ to read these multi-page TIFFs with the RGBA interface? with a slight modification of the RGBA intf.?


You just need to use the TIFFSetDirectory() function to advance to the directory of the page you want, then use the normal RGBA interface.

If you are working with very large images I have modifications for libtiff to allow RGBA images to be read a tile or a strip at a time.

10 print "Chris Losinger ";
20 goto 10

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