2008.06.13 06:17 "[Tiff] splite multi-tiff", by 김규식

2008.06.16 11:34 "[Tiff] (no subject)", by Gerben Vos

i try to splite multi-tiff to single-tif
i dont't know to do
same Compression is ok!

first page of multi-tiff Compressed by Group 4 Fax (aka CCITT FAX4) and other page of multi-tiff Compressed by JPEG Original TIFF 6.0 spec

JPEG TIFFs using the 6.0 spec are very hard to split or combine because the 6.0 spec for JPEG-in-TIFF is a mess; for example, some of its tags point into the data belonging to other tags.

I'm not sure if tiffsplit supports this old-style JPEG-in-TIFF. If you have the choice, use the TIFF Technote 2 JPEG-in-TIFF standard.

Gerben Vos.