2004.02.02 23:28 "[Tiff] unknown tags, tiffcp makes invalid copies", by Mark McConnell

2004.02.05 15:19 "Re: [Tiff] unknown tags, tiffcp makes invalid copies", by Mark McConnell

Is there a way to cause tiffcp to make copies with a valid format, even if it encounters unknown tags?

I am trying to use tiffcp on files which contain unknown tags 32931 and 32934. The resulting copy has an invalid format, which can't be opened by an image viewer.

Your problem is the same as the one reported here:


I have fixed this bug, so you can update from CVS to get the working code.


Thank you for your speedy help. I retrieved this, and compiled it, but I had problems that you may want to know about. My first test dumped core (and produced a corrupt copy).

$ tiffcp 03600697.001 newtest.tif
TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, 03600697.001: unknown field with tag 33000 (0x80e8) encountered.
Bus error (core dumped)

My second test gave warnings, BUT produced a valid image:

$ tiffcp 200401285030.00* newtest.tif

TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, 200401285030.001: unknown field with tag 32931 (0x80a3) encountered.
TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, 200401285030.001: unknown field with tag 32934 (0x80a6) encountered.
tiffcp in free(): warning: modified (chunk-) pointer
tiffcp in free(): warning: modified (chunk-) pointer
tiffcp in free(): warning: chunk is already free
tiffcp in free(): warning: chunk is already free

I hope this is useful to you.


Mark McConnell