1997.01.08 17:14 "LIBFIFF caused first chance exception in NTDLL.DLL", by Albert Ling

1997.01.09 12:43 "Re: LIBFIFF caused first chance exception in NTDLL.DLL", by Scott Wagner


For those of you who are interested in the Win32 stuff:

NT 4.0 generates an exception (which does eventually get handled) when a program closes a file handle that has already been closed. This shouldn't cause any real problems.

In one of my projects, I kind of got tired of the messages (due to a different issue, not the TIFF library) and enclosed my CloseHandle call in a try/except block, so that the exception is no longer reported by the debugger.

I considered this possibility when I wrote the Win32 port, but did not add it to the release because I was not sure that all target compilers would handle try/except/finally constructs. I suppose the best solution would be to conditionally use this construct. If you have a modification that has a tested try/except/finally construct, please send it to me. I will add the preprocessor stuff to make it conditional and send it on to Sam for release.


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