2008.05.18 17:26 "[Tiff] Bugzilla, 4.0.0beta1 Release", by Frank Warmerdam

2008.05.28 01:15 "Re: [Tiff] beta2 release", by Frank Warmerdam

There are no earth shattering changes, but I have prepared a libtiff 4.0.0 beta2. Mostly this is to roll in some changes based on an old coverity scan of libtiff, and to produce a new tarball I can pass off to coverity for analysis.

I've been away from email for a little over a week and am just now seeing this. I will do some detailed testing including trying to reproduce all open bugs in the debian bug tracking system (there are only three or four). I will plan to do this this weekend. I hope there will not be a 4.0.0 release prior to that. It is probable that 4.0.0 will not be part of the next debian release as a tiff transition is pretty hard, but we'll see.


There is little likelyhood of a 4.0.0 final release in the next few weeks.

Is there any plan to do a final 3.9.0 release? There were some unintended ABI changes in 3.9.0 beta 1, but I believe fixes were committed. I didn't miss 3.9.0, did I?

There also has not been a 3.9.0 final. I'd like to produce it in the not too distant future though.

I will re-enter all the bugs I was previously tracking in the old bugzilla.

That would be much appreciated.

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