1998.12.01 14:52 "kodak DCS cameras files", by Bruno Ledoux


My question doesn't concern the tiff library directly but maybe someone can help me.

I'm looking for a way to decompress files produced by the latest DCS kodak cameras (DCS520-DCS560). This files contain a standard tiff header plus a private TAG containing raw data from the CCD. If you open such a file in photoshop you are only able to view a thumbnail of hiresolution image.

My concern is to extract the hiresolution data from the private tag, this sounds rather complicated since data seem to be compressed with a non destructive algorithm (LZW? ZIP? ....) but should be possible. Kodak provides a SDK to extract image data from this kind of image but unfortunatelly some process, that I want to avoid, occur during the extraction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,