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2004.10.01 06:35 "[Tiff] BigTIFF & PDF & tifftools", by Rob van den Tillaart
2004.10.01 09:59 "[Tiff] quad-tile", by Joris
2004.10.01 13:34 "Re: [Tiff] quad-tile", by Frank Warmerdam

2004.10.01 13:34 "Re: [Tiff] quad-tile", by Frank Warmerdam


I believe quad-tile.tif is a testimage that I got from the 'official' tiff

> testimage package. I'm having a hard time making sense of it.

Scary! I am surprised it works in libtiff.

Sorry I don't have any info on how libtiff does it. I would have to do alot of deep digging to try and understand it I suspect.

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