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2004.04.29 13:30 "tif_writeproc and writing only raw-data", by <>


I'm working on a software that embedds TIFF files to PDF and PostScript
output. I have gotten it to somewhat work using TIFFClientOpen. But it
seems that it still writes something after the raw image-data, directory
maybe? I got rid of header by checking the header bytes and not writing
them to the output file, but i haven't figured out how to strip the
footer data off. I have checked tiff2pdf code which doesn't have this
footer data in it's output.

To me, it seems that it uses custom "procs" to achieve this: Use
writeproc that doesn't write anything when dealing with directories and
when dealing with the actual image-data use writeproc that really writes
it. Well, the code is complicated so i might miss something. But this is
the basic idea that i got from it.

The problem comes up when i try to change the procs "on-the-fly":
tsize_t TiffRawWriteProc( thandle_t fd, tdata_t buf, tsize_t size );

TIFF *Output;
Output->tif_writeproc = TiffRawWriteProc;

Compiler says "error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type" even
though i can't really figure out what tiff2pdf does differently.

I would be glad if someone could help me out with this. Mainly getting
rid of the error, or explaining an alternative way to get rid of the

Väinö Järvelä