2004.09.21 16:37 "[Tiff] BigTIFF Notes", by Frank Warmerdam

2004.09.21 16:37 "[Tiff] BigTIFF Notes", by Frank Warmerdam


After a bit of discussion with Joris, I added a new IFD8 type to the BigTIFF wiki page. Joris convinced me that the old IFD type should continue to be supported and refer to a 4 byte type while the IFD8 type would be supported for IFDs much as we now allow LONG8, LONG or SHORT for offsets and strip/tile counts.

That is assuming that you guys are ok with the 8byte counts. I am fine with them if you are, and the list seems to generally agree on them.

I don't have any strong position on the alignment related questions.

I also updated the wiki to be specific that the old SHORT and LONG types are still supported for offsets and counts.

I think Joris has a few other issues he would like to raise (ie. extensions). I am hoping that you will review input from the list, and then decide what you would like to have in the proposal - updating it accordingly. If you don't mind, once all outstanding feedback has been handled I think it would be helpful to have an vote on the list with regard to the draft BigTIFF design.

Our community adoption shouldn't be final till we have a couple implementations of course. I hope that Andrey will be able to focus on that once libtiff 3.7.0 final is cut.

Lastly, I just wanted to stress that while Joris, Andrey, me and others have an interest in BigTIFF it is my hope that you two (primarily Steve?) will consider yourselfs the leader of the issue and keep it moving. Leadership is critical to keeping this effort on track and to reach some reasonable level of conclusion.

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